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Body Love – New Beginning & Deepening: 25 – 28 april @ Himladal Seglora
You can also meet Lamhita @ Ängsbacka during the Sacred Womb Women’s festival, check it out HERE
15-19 May 2019
At the Sexibility Festival @ Ängsbacka – 25-30 June, 2019
Check it out HERE


What is needed to be a better friend with ourselves and our Bodies? The invitation this time is to welcome the inner child, repairing attachment-wounds and letting the shame out, for example from feelings of being wrong, different, excluded, and the belief that we have to do it all alone. Those echoes from the past need a lot of safety, tenderness, care and support in order to heal. 

When we receive that, our nervous systems can heal much deeper, and we can start to relax both inside and outside ourselves,  and in our relationships. We become more home in on our body & souls…

Lamhita creates a safe and hold space for all of us to heal deeper; with the help of trauma healing, gong and yoga, old patterns and limitations in different areas in our life can start to transform easier.

Trauma healing is a soft way to help our nervous-system to release from old shock, shame and traumas. Then we get more access to our life energy and our true potential so we can start to enjoy & appreciate our body & souls even more. The magic happens when we come in contact with ourselves!

Join us on a journey towards (more) self-love and acceptance, so you can taste more of the sweet nectar of life. A longer weekend (4 days) to have more time to go deeper so we can let go of what we no longer need: a new beginning!

**Limited number of participants. We provide an exclusive held and safe space so more people can be seen in their processes. The work is done on an individual level and in the group.

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Limited number of participants, Book now to secure your spot!

Course is in English / Swedish depending on the participants

For questions about the course, please contact Lamitha Jacobson:


We warmly welcome you to Body Love – A New Beginning,

With Love,
Lamhita, Ingrid & Lycke (assistants)

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Lamhita with all her experience working with herself and others is truly living what she is learning. With her immense intuition and sensitivity she can tune-in to everyone’s unique journey and needs. With her big big heart and love for love and life, miracles happen in her coaching. She has helped me to pierce my veil of distrustuting every human, and shown me that there’s another reality outside the bubble of trauma.
Bringing us back to the present and to our hearts.

With her beautiful assistant Betty, who’s superpower is a huge empathy and a sharp mind, and Nora who’s just endlessly pouring love on everyone she meets, a very safe environment is created. The course is so organically structured to balance proccesses with gong, yoga and other supportive tools. In this cradle you can then start coming back to life beyond surviving, a life containing laughter, play, creativity and deep connection with others and your own beautiful self. Powerful stuff!


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Lamhita has a true gift in her presence and super-precise intuition that leads the way through our deepest fears and longings. She created so much resources and safety for us to explore ourselves and support eachother in the group. Her fine mixture of empathy, bubbling laughter and authenticity lights up the room and shows us the way to freedom and joy. Thank you!

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I actually had no idea what Body Love was before I signed up. Now I am so grateful that I discovered this wonderful course. It has given me a deeper understanding of myself and others. Lamhita and Liesbeth created a safe space and atmosphere for the participants. I recommend Body Love because it will get you to know yourself better and maybe even love yourself more.

-Gro Nina

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Grateful that I gave myself the gift to come here, for the sacred circle and how we shared our stories. We came so close as you can get in such a short time. It open me up and I feel open in the heart of all of you. Now have tools and got the resources to heal and see myself. Grateful to everyone in the room, they helped me to feel this way.
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Grateful to have been here and learning from you.
Now I have tools to not end up into the traumatic area.
And I can take baby steps and take care of what’s coming up. Check!